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HUTERA Dance Company from Helsinki, Finland, is a cross-arts assembly with a brave approach. The group was founded in 2013. All dancers of the company share a passionate interest in the body and its capability of expression.

In its works HUTERA combines both contemporary dance and butoh dance, also using elements from theatre and visual arts. HUTERA actively co-operates with professionals from various fields of art widening its awareness of making art in dialogue. Through encounters and collisions the group challenges itself to new ways of expression and an experience which is shared with the audience.

The strength of HUTERA is the appreciation of its dancers' diversity. HUTERA engages the audience with a group of dancers who can easily be related to. The ease of identifying with the dancers grows more important than the technical skill they possess. By practicing a technique of presence and an accepting corporeality the company traces and brings out each dancer's uniqueness.

HUTERA constantly searches new and alternative environments for dance. Training and performances are often done outside studios and black box, enabling active bodily relationship with the environment. Each dancer's body and presence creates a performative space in the outdoors. 

The mission of HUTERA Dance Company is to create art which confronts society and is simultaneously personally touching. The company wants to join communality and relationship with nature and also encourage experiencing art as an abstract mystery.